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General Orientation to SL

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Session Outline


In this session we'll get up to speed on some of the basic skills you'll need to start exploring all that SL has to offer. 


You will learn how to:


Use your inventory

     Find and open notecards

     Create a notecard




Use the pie menu

     Share a notecard


Use the Map and Mini-Map

     Find people and places


Use the Search Interface

     Find people and places

     Create a landmark

     Create a link on a notecard


Take a snapshot

     Use the camera controls

     Use the movement controls

     Use gestures




     Use the movement controls & shortcuts


Contacts Interface

     Chat and IM

     Add friends to contacts list

     View profiles

     Transfer items to friends (e.g., notecards, landmarks, clothing, etc.)

     Teleport a friend



Session Resources



Creating a SLURL



Russian Red Square - Moscow Isl, Moscow Island (73, 193, 21) becomes


http://slurl.com/secondlife/Moscow Island/73/193/21/

Learning more about SL...

Second Life Wiki


Second Life Showcase


Video Tutorials

Filling in your profile

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Create and send a notecard

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A Second Life metaphor...

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EduMuve.com's Quick-Start Tour Guide for Educators (http://edumuve.com/tour/)

  • This site contains an organized overview of SL places of interest to educators.  Towards the middle of the alphabetized list, there are links of interest to teachers of ESL and languages other than English.


Educause Learning Initiative Focus Group on Immersive Environments in Learning (http://www.educause.edu/Proceedings/12440)

  • Proceedings, including suggested reading, podcasts, videos, and examples of immersive environments used in education.






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