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Workshop Biographies


(scroll down for bios of participants)


Biographies of Workshop Leaders


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Randall Sadler & Randall RenoirRandall Sadler (Randall Renoir in SL), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

I am an Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where I teach in the Department of Linguistics. My specialties include Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC) for language teaching, ESL reading and writing, and classroom ethnography. I am currently working on a Virtual Worlds and Language Teaching book, which combines a theoretical background of the field with practical applications. You can find my webpage, which includes links to my SL home, resources, and two message boards here: http://www.eslweb.org


Kathryn Murphy-Judy (aka--Kat Serapis), Virginia Commonwealth University

I'm a purple-haired flying avatar in SL but in RL just a graying, ground hugging Associate Professor of French in the VCU School of World Studies. I coordinate the Basic French Program and am creating, testing and refining online learning modules for the first-year courses, some using Second Life projects. I have used SL in two upper division courses, French Through the Media (see attachment) and Advanced Conversation. I might be a long time immigrant or a digital 1.5'er since I like to play (v. work), operate in parallel processing (v. linear) actively (v. passively), through random-access and graphics (v. reading the manual).


Julio C Rodríguez (SL: tulio guyot), Iowa State University

Hi! I am an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of World Languages and Cultures at Iowa State University and director of the Language Studies Resource Center. My interests focus on instructional design and development, project-based learning, and technology in world language teacher education. Within instructional design, I am particularly interested in the development and evaluation of cognitive tools aimed at integrating technology in the design of language learning activities. I think SL has a lot of yet unexplored potential in this area.





Lars Enzo | Jacob E. Larsen

Jacob E. Larsen (Lars Enzo in SL). I’m a Ph.D. Student in the Curriculum and Instructional Technology program at Iowa State University. I hold M.A. degrees in English Language and Literature (University of Southern Denmark) and Applied Linguistics (Ohio University). My interests include instructional design and development and the use of technology for language teaching. Currently, I am researching the use of online, self-managed learning materials to support advanced-level English courses. I believe SL and other types of online interactive environments and games have strong, though often untapped or not easily utilized, potential for language learning.





Karina Silva (Karina Jacobus in SL). I’m a Ph.D. student in the Applied Linguistics

and Technology program at Iowa State University and am also pursuing a Ph.D. minor in Curriculum and Instructional Technology. I have 12 years of experience as an English teacher and am the co-author of a book series for elementary school level EFL instruction in Brazil. My research interests include CALL, materials design and teacher education. Currently, I am researching the use of SL for ESL learning and teaching. 



Siouxie IlliosSusan Faivre (Siouxie Illios in SL). Hi, I'm Six! I'm currently finishing the MATESL program in the Linguistics Department at the University of Illinois. I've been teaching English for six years--three teaching ESL as a TA at UIUC and three teaching English in the public high schools. I'm currently working on a curriculum development project for my master's thesis which will be a resource for teacher's wanting to incorporate SL into their classroom. It includes and orientation website and a teacher's guide. I'm also planning to include a task-based unit for an adult education business class.






Julie Sykes (Adelena, WoW), University of New Mexico

I am and Assistant Professor in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at the University of New Mexico, where I coordinate the Spanish as a Second Langauge program and teach graduate courses in Hispanic Linguistics.  My research interests (and hobbies) include games (various types) for second language learning (more specifically, pragmatics and intercultural competence).  Currently, I am working with multiuser gaming environments as well as augmented reality, place-based learning games.  




Mehmet Şahin (Izmir Serevi), Iowa State University

I am assistant director of the Language Studies Resource Center in the department of World Languages and Cultures. My research interests include computer-assisted language learning, second language acquisition, and educational technology.  



Biographies of Workshop Participants



Graham Davies (Groovy Winkler in SL)


I'm just an onlooker really. I am a retired (Emeritus) Professor of CALL, known as Groovy Winkler in SL, where I maintain the EUROCALL HQ building:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/EduNation%20III/9/29/22/

 I have been involved in CALL since 1976, and I was the Founder President of EUROCALL (1993-2000). I keep myself busy by maintaining the ICT4LT website:  http://www.ict4lt.org 

 I have written a substantial section on Second Life here (Section 14.2.1 of Module 1.5):  http://www.ict4lt.org/en/en_mod1-5#secondlife

 You can read more about me here:  http://grahamdavies.wikispaces.com

 I hope to meet you in SL during the workshops.  






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