Overview of Educational Resources

Educational Resources




SL Places for Education


In the following SL educational resources we encourage you to explore with the critical mind of an educator. Try to discover/notice the educational values that can be found in each place. For example, you can learn about the place/project, collect notecards, notice opportunities for collaboration and interaction, as well as investigate buildings, objects, and structures used for educational purposes – in short: Gather inspiration from current educational resources.




Searching for SL resources on the Web 


SL uses a Google search API that keeps it up-to-date daily. A simple Google search can be quite effective.


Try sites like

Secondlifeupdate - http://www.secondlifeupdate.com/ 


Second Life Search - http://www.buscopio.net/secondlifesearch.html

A specially conceived and designed SL Google Search Engine. You can add a SL search bar to your browser here that looks like this:

This links to a video that show how to use the toolbar.


Edumove.com - http://edumuve.com/tour/


Sample Google searches 


“learn German in second life” -




“learn Russian in second life” -




“learn about the United States in Second Life” -



Searching for SL resources in-world


Second Life is not known for its robust in-world search engine.  Still, it is readily available on your SL interface screen. On the bottom tool bar, click Search :

You can search all categories or just Classifieds, Events, Showcase, Land Sale, People, Places, or Groups.  A more targeted seach in a specific category will yield 'cleaner' results.  Then again, you may need to use a more general keywork (like "China") in Places (which offers a dropdown menu of sub-categories) with the menu choice of "Education". 


You can also search in-world from the Map Button (see above, two buttons to the right of Search). This option allows you to check the categories in which you may want to seek your topic (eg. person, infohub, events, etc., and which differ somewhat from the sub-categories of the Places dropdown menu on the Search page).


The SL wiki has a search FAQ here : http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Searching_FAQ.


Language/culture specific sites for FL educators


On the map, under location, type in France and you'll find a host of sites for France and all her regions.




Ancient Rome












Embassy of Estonia






Thanks to Graham Davies for this part of his site on searching :