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Scavenger Hunt

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Scavenger Hunt


Hi, Sian/Samantha and Kat/Kathryn are heading up this scavenger hunt, using some of Randall's Hunt located at his Randall Renoir's Place (EduNation/89/230/23). 


Kat proffers  a French twist to the chasse aux trésors at the end for the francophiles amongst us to whom she will give a grand prix à la mode CALICO upon completion. 


So let's start with : why do this?  

1. To have fun learning more about Second Life and to explore the pedagogical uses of this kind of activity for your own students.  You'll be learning to:

  • use your inventory
  • mover around in SL
  • "buy" stuff (mostly for $0)
  • teleport
  • take pictures
  • make movies
  • set landmarks
  • make and use notecards, and more.



For this hunt you must find some places in Second Life that are described on "The Scavenger Hunt!" notecard.  These include places for art, free things, historical places, nature sites, and education sites.  At each of these sites you are asked to do something (take a picture, write down the coordinates--i.e. the set of 3 numbers that tells you where you are in SL--, or get something to prove you were there).


For each of these places, you will put the answers on a new notecard.  Call it "Scavenger Hunt -- "insert your name here."

  1. Number your answers in the notecard in the same way you will see on the "The Scavenger Hunt!" notecard (1. Art in SL, etc .)
  2. for each number, put in the answer, photo, or landmark for your answer.
  3. When you finish, place the notecard in the Randall Renoir mailbox, located at his house below the "Renoir's Roost" sign: Randall Renoir's Place, Edunation (89, 229, 23)



For Kat's Francophilia, once you have finished doing the hunt above (these instructions being in true French débrouillard fashion), find:

  1. Gaia:  get a free t-shirt near the entrance.
  2. The Seychelles (France Pittoresque): take a movie of yourself dancing
  3. Paris 1900:  Take a pic of yourself at the Moulin Rouge or with a Toulouse-Lautrec painting
  4. Ile Sarkozy:  Depends on your leanings! Ask somebody a question and take a pic of your IM with them on the side showing your dialog.
  5. Kat to get your prix! 


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